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Repowering Action Craft 1890

dholleydholley Posts: 91 Greenhorn
I bought my 99 Action Craft 1890 three years ago with a 2.6 Vmax HPDI. Motor ran great for the first year. Blew a head gasket in the number one cylinder after 100 hours of ownership. Also had to have the high pressure pump rebuilt after getting water in the fuel. Total cost was $1700. After another 150 hours the same cylinder ate a ring. Had to have the cylinder honed and replaced the piston and ring at a cost of $1000. 40 hours later another head gasket.

Each failure has been catastrophic with no warning. Cooling system checks out fine and no overheat alarms, although I know it works.

Finally decided to bite the bullet and repower. 5 years of warranty sounds really nice. Decided to stick with Yamaha and keep my existing controls. Got a dozen quotes and went with Mike at Mobile Marine Express here in Jacksonville. Going with the Yamaha 200 Vmax SHO. Should be here in a few weeks. Can't wait to get back on the water!


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