Father's Day Obligatory

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Heading out of Mayport tomorrow for a family fish day. Father's Day is pretty much the only day I can get my wife to go fishing with me, but I'm sure I'll be suffering an opera or something later for it. 

Any thoughts on distances for kings? I heard they're in the pods on the beach, but I'm thinking maybe go out 3-4 and look for good water and hit the wrecks if nothing materializes. But I'm wondering if there are enough predators in the pods to make it worth just working the beach and sparing the family the ten mile out and back.



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    Kings have been pretty thick on most of the close in reefs.  Should find them at the red tops as well.  Caught some at nassau bottom last week to.
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    We’ve been catching them in 65-70ft over wrecks and live bottom. 
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    Well, it did NOT go according to plan. We got out finally about 8:45 and headed out the jetties pushing 9.  No biggie, I figured. Just grab some pogies and troll the pods or hit the wrecks. We went north toward Nassau and saw no boats, no birds, no bait. Bummer. Headed back around to the south and ran the beach to Butler and came up dry.

    Fine, I thought, we'll just hit the Jax wreck and I'll sabiki up some bait. I did have some squid if it came to it. 

    Got out to JAX wreck and there were like 7 boats there, so I threw on a couple of big lipped baits and trolled around staying out of everyone's way looking for any uncovered structure that might have some bait. I get two knockdowns but nothing stays hooked. 

    Finally found a cloud and dropped the sabiki down and got a grunt. Cool. I can work with that. Hooked it to a big jig head and dropped it down. Brought in the other lines and had a mess of tangled braid and mono. It was not my day. 

    Anyway, I'm un-nesting while the family is hanging out on the bow cushions soaking up some rays and the grunt rod gives two big yanks, then nothing. I reel it up and the grunt is alive but not looking too good. It after noon by this point, I've got no good bait, and I don't want to drag the family around looking for wrecks no one is on, so I call it. Time of death 12:30ish.

    Thinking it's been a beautiful boat ride with the family and happily resigning myself to a skunk, we start heading in. We pass a school of rays (cownose rays maybe?) and the a huge pod of dolphins, so we have the ooh and aah covered, and then the Bonita schools start up.

    We wound up chasing schools for like two hours, and everyone gets a fish! Smiles all around. 

    And I know I'll get some weird looks, but I kept a few, bled them hard when a caught them, and cut out all the dark meat and they made a very tasty seared-tunny salad. I did one set with an anchor taco seasoning crust, seared for 30 seconds a side, if that, and another marinade in soy, ginger and lime that my wife, who is not a huge fish fan, really enjoyed. So, who knew? Bonita to the rescue! 

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    Way to make it work. Good memories.
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    Fantastic read. Thank you
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    Any day with fish in the cooler and a successful launch and recovery is a good day.   
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    I’m going to give Bonita a try one day soon while there are still some around. Man they are fun to catch but can be very picky about what they want to eat. 
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    They were blowing up all over the place last Sunday about 3 miles out from ocean 1. We did well casting to them with diamond jugs retrieved fast. 
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