Blue Marlin Release on 25ft Center Console "Blue Dreams" Teaser

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June 16, 2018 - Got to take my little brother offshore for the 1st time. We have heard a bunch of good reports from the 420 hole so headed straight there where the water was a warm 81 degrees and the fish were hungry.  We set out the spread of Shimano TLD 25s to fish light tackle for dolphin. We started getting into the dolphin bite and my brother got his first mahi mahi. Then something big knocked the Moldcraft Chugger out of the outrigger and it was “FISH ON”! We got our 1st blue marlin hooked up on the “Blue Dreams”. We fought the fish for the next hour, got her next to the boat and released her. We ended up with 25 dolphin in the box and a blue marlin release.


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    Do you get paid on your Amazon links?
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    I just use them to show a detailed spec of lures, teasers and reels that we use from time to time.
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    Do you get paid on your Amazon links?
    I hope someone is getting paid, otherwise there is little point in a Charleston fishing operation spamming a Florida board.  The mods are really asleep at the wheel on this guy.
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    I fish both States and I was just trying to share a report. 
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    don't get discouraged brother some people are just haters. thank you for the post.
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