Waccasassa River Navigation?

When I moved to the area in the 80's this was my go to river everytime. Moved to offshore and left the area. Back to a bay boat. Not seeing any reports on the river or bay? Are the channel markers in the bay and the river doable? Never had a issue before?


  • Moon ShadowMoon Shadow Posts: 773 Officer
    Waccasassa is where I mostly go to.  The channel Marker were replaced with bigger one 4 or 5 years ago.  A hurricane last years took out several of the new ones but they been replaced.  The only trouble I ever had was at low tide near old marker 27.  You have to stay 20 feet away from it  or more or you may hit a osyter bar a few feet from the marker.  In the river there are the normal deadheads sticking up  and a few  not showing..  As long as you stay near the middle of the river you shouldn't have any problems with rocks.  At the marker, beware of rocks, I slow down at low tide because I bumped them a few times in the past.

    For fishing it hasn't been the best year.  I been lucky to catch a few trout and a red  on most trips in the bay.  Havn't try near shore for reds this year because I miss the favorable tide.  The river is catfish hell.everything you throw a catfish beat the other fish to it.

    Hope that answer a few of your questions.  But the new bigger channel marker make it easy to come back in without a GPS unit.
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,854 Captain
    Other than rocks already mentioned it's mostly floating logs that I usually hit, and I run a tunnel Jon boat.
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