What’s everyone’s option on Sirius marine weather

DangerRanger56DangerRanger56 Hudson FLPosts: 10 Greenhorn
I recently got the axiom by raymarine and have been looking in to getting weather on it. It comes with grib view app which I guess is raymarine a WiFi weather but I’m looking for something that Work offshore. I’ve looked and the Sirius is about 550 for the box and 54 a month for the subscription is it worth or or should I just watch the weather before I leave   


  • hossmosshossmoss Posts: 1,169 Officer
    Depends on how far out you are, or plan to be.

    I use XM weather and radar together... great for dodging those summertime storms when you're 50 miles out and it's in your path home!

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  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,280 Officer
    Would like to know as well as im considering it
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  • johnalkijohnalki Posts: 504 Officer
    GSX weather receivers are expensive. the latest G-3 is about $800. and the G-2 can be found used for $400 and both will work for the offshore fisherman package  with a 2 month free trial from Sirius xm marine weather.
    There a similar package available for $29.95 per month that works just as well offshore but does not include the 147 channel music in the package.but works with a G-1 receiver
  • Otown SeafoxOtown Seafox Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Just upgraded to the Garmin GXM 53. I use mine all the time and it has saved many fishing days knowing I can get around the storm and wait it out, I also use the water temp and buoy info on a regular basis.

  • PangamanPangaman Posts: 539 Officer

    I just signed up for the weather, no music. You can suspend the service for months you do not use it. Will probably suspend November through April. Works great, have the coastal plan, shows storms all the way across the state and Georgia. Has lightning symbols to show the lightning. You have to have the network plug on the back of your machine. Was going to buy 2 simrad go's for my boat. But had to buy one simrad and one lowrance hds to be able to run the weather. The lowrance has the port on the back to plug in the serious weather.

  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 1,835 Captain
    Why pay for something that we already have?
    Marine channels already do that.
  • swampmonsterswampmonster Posts: 279 Deckhand
    I have it and radar. I think it is a great combo. XM shows farther out as well as storms building on land and moving offshore. I also look at storm movement north and south sometimes deciding where to fish. Sea surface temps are also shown. I know a marine radio has weather reports but seeing is way different. 
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