A new twist on Turkey breast (new to me)

lakemanlakeman Posts: 714 Officer
My lady brings  home a frozen turkey breast and wants to cook it soon.  So let it thaw in refrigerator, almost forgot it.  Took it out and prepared my  small akorn Junior Kamado and then started season the bird.  No seasoning we, just moved, other than salt and pepper.  Looked around and only thing was a jar of Pesto, so I said why not. Smeared the entire breast with pesto, inside and out.  Added a little old bay seasoning and put some bacon on top to help keep it moist. On to the kamado, cooked at about 260 for 2 hour and about 20 minutes,   Results were fabulous, might have been better if I had let it marinade for a longer time.  

BTW, the Akorn junior air or  with any Kamado, it is hard to screw up anything and most everything tastes wonderful.


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    Most of my best recipes are born from not finding what you were looking for in the spice rack.   Sunday I didn't have what I wanted for chicken legs, so i took Adobo seasoning, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and parsley.  Marinated the legs as they were thawing in the sink for about 2hrs.  Put on the grill, 2hrs later they were outstanding.   

    I'm never afraid to try something new.    That pesto sounds interesting on turkey.  may have to try it. 
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