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jpscott1jpscott1 Posts: 30 Deckhand
Saw an advertisement in a magazine for the new Starbrite eraser.
How do these do at cleaning scuff marks?  Do they hold up well?



  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 528 Officer
    They are great at removing scuff marks on decks caused by folks in street shoes. I've also used them in the house to remove scuff marks on painted walls caused by the dogs having races up and down the hall. Ours have a center spine that allows you to exert a bit more pressure. The trick is to not over-saturate them with water. They last longer and work just as well if you only lightly moisten them. I use a spray bottle of water to pre-treat the surface to be cleaned, but a light dip into water does the same thing. Don't "dunk" them and they will last longer.  
  • MACDMACD Lee CountyPosts: 4,963 Captain
    edited June 2018 #3
    over priced  melamine foam .
    just like Mr. Clean
    Don't get me wrong folks ,an awesome product, just over priced by branding.
    Look it up for yourself..... 
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