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CK- 6/16 Inshore

Gator4LifeGator4Life Gainesville,FlPosts: 576 Officer
On a previous post I wrote about how the cowling latches had frozen up on my Yamaha 150. Miller's in Ocala replaced the cowling and latches for me. Yamaha covered the $1400 to do it. I was worried there might be more corrosion inside the engine compartment but everything looks brand new. It was just the latches. 
 So we got back at it today. Fished for some trout first and didn't get as many as the last trips out. Caught around 20 with 1/3 being keeper size fish. Had a large nurse shark swim right up to the boat. He was probably 7-8 feet. 
 Moved over to the oyster/shell bars just before high tide and my wife reeled in her personal best 29" red and my brother in law caught a 27". I got shut out but had fun watching them. Couldn't get any to bite after that. It was a pretty good day on the water. Thought it was going to be too hot but the wind made it bearable. 


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