Hooker Electric Reel

Decided to get a Hooker Electric for my Penn 70 VS, but cant' decide whether to get the detachable motor or the one that is fixed to the reel.  Intended mainly for swords, but may use for deep, deep drop if conditions allow.  Any advice is appreciated.


  • GettinthereGettinthere Posts: 55 Greenhorn
    If you are willing to spend the money to get the loaded hooker with the line guide and counter I would do that, or just get an LP. If you dont want to spend the extra then the detachable motor is nice. When swording its important to know where your bait is at all times. A line counter goes a long way with that. 
  • Ron@.38 Special[email protected] Special Posts: 6,776 Admiral
    Penn 70VS seen a bit small for swords, line capacity, etc...
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