Advice on fishing FL Bay?

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I'll be taking my wife and the beavertail down to Tavernier for a week to spend some time fishing and relaxing. I'm not so much interested in catching snook and reds as I am Bonefish &amp; Tarpon. Don't get me wrong I love to catch snook and reds. But where we're from in SWFL we have an abundance of them. Not so sure how to even begin around all the mangrove islands and flats in FL Bay. Does anyone have any advice on that?<br><br>Also I prefer to fish artificial, but i'm not opposed to use live bait. Don't have a pole for the boat so it makes it a little difficult to stalk. Lastly I may run into ENP once but just to piddle around. Our main goal is to stay away from the mainland and try to learn more about all the skinny water and islands within 10-15 miles of lower tavernier.&nbsp;


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    The bay can get sloppy fast.  Watch the forecast and for storms & be careful. 

    I'm not sure where you're from, but the amount of tidal drop there in comparison to Tampa Bay (or Charlotte Harbor) was surprising to me.

    Tarpon with a trolling motor, provided you're careful, can work in the bay.  The fish are skittish though in shallow water, so you have to be very sparing in its use.   I'd use a baitbuster, but others use hogies or even whitebait effectively (along with flies, of course).  I'm not a bonefish guy, so you'll have to ask someone else for that.

    Hope you have a good time....Mike

    p.s. you might post this in the Keys section to get more local eyes on your request.
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