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Fuel tank problem

TheDude727TheDude727 Posts: 100 Greenhorn
My fuel filters are clogging up.  I first paid $300 to have the fuel polished, something I never even knew was done.  After that failed to improve anything I tried a different company that actually filters the fuel and then jets it back in to clean the tank but they also barely removed any debris.  When the filters clog there are chunks of brown stuff in them that pretty much turns to dust when you rub it between your fingers.  I am being told that this is probably a bacteria that formed when the previous owner let the boat sit too long.    I'll be running it again soon with new filters and I'm guessing that there's a one in a million shot that all the debris has now been filtered out and the boat will run fine but I really don't believe that's possible.  Is there any decent product that might eat this bacteria?  I have 270 crusader gas engines.  I really don't want to have to replace the tank because the deck would have to be cut to get it out.  Any recommendations as to what I should try next?


  • PangamanPangaman Posts: 774 Officer
    If it’s a reddish powdery substance it is probably the ethanol cleaning the gunk from the sides of the tank. It will go away after a while. Make sure you are using 2 micron filters or you may get problems with your injectors. 
  • shamrock1188shamrock1188 Posts: 272 Deckhand
    Just use the boat and carry a lot of spare filters you will be changing them often. You can buy a lot of filters for what it cost to replace you fuel tank. The tank will clean it self over time.
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