permit advise for a N. FL. guy

Good day South FL,

I need a little advise on a species that seems to be relatively common in your area but is almost unheard of in mine. I am referring to elusive permit off the coast of the FL panhandle. I started noticing them about 8 years ago and have even managed to land a couple. I think one of our biggest issues here is there is nowhere to buy pass crabs. Last year in an act of desperation I went to the local seafood market and got a dozen of the smallest live blue crabs they had. Although the permit didn’t seem to have any interest in them I now know what to use the next time I want to catch a goliath. Couldn’t keep those things away from them. Anyways my questions is as follows. If you are targeting offshore permit and pass crabs are not available, what would be a good alternative. Advise on artificial lures and fly’s that would work is also appreciated.   


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