Going to Bimini 8-June. The family is arriving by Ferry.

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I will be going to Bimini on June 8th. The rest of the family is taking the ferry over. Where is the best place to dock on the north island to pick them up? I will be staying on the south island and would rather go and pick up the family on my boat. I have not been to Bimini since the new ferry docks were built.


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    I believe the Ferry docks on the West side of Resorts World.  Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I would probably look to pull into the Fishermans Village Marina and tie up temporarily at one of the inside dock areas (not one of the slips), but only for a few minutes when you family gets there.  Have them come meet you there so you don't leave the boat.  Be kind and respectful to the staff, and most importantly throw the dock staff a few bucks, and it will make everyone happy and reduce your stress.  Here is a visual .... https://www.google.com/maps/@25.7480052,-79.2811513,182m/data=!3m1!1e3  
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    That's sort of what I had in mind. Since I arrive at 09:30 and the ferry won't arrive till 17:30 I will have time to check in and run the boat over to the north Island before the ferry leaves Miami. I will talk with the folks at Fishermans Village. If there is and issue there is a finger pier behind Sue and Joys Store. I just want to avoid two taxis and the water taxi to get to the sands. Thanx

    PS: I heard the Fishermans Village was shut down because of the Hurricane last year. Any knowledge about this?

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    If nobody chimes in beforehand, I will be over there on June 7th and can let you know
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    Where you going to be staying? Give me a holler on VHF. Island Girl. OK
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    I would check to see if you can pick them up at the ferry dock or try to dock up at sue and joys.
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    OK I returned from the trip. I picked up the family at the Resort World transient dock. They were very helpful. On their departure I dropped everyone at the Hilton.
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