Tackle info for PC snapper

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Father's day weekend will be my first outting as Capt of the boat for red snapper, taking the wife and kids.  Already got GPS set up with some reef locations, im not a noob on the water just never been in water this deep as Capt always fished st.marks to St George area 30-50 ft Max and that being said never gone after snapper on my own (always party boat).  So gear, currently I have 2 Penn squall set ups I use for gags around St Mark's 60 lb test line, on both (assuming this will work for snapper) but in the deeper waters and bigger fish what's the suggested hook size? Weight size? 1 or 2 hook rigs? Also wanna try to get the kids on a school of white snapper would a Penn fierce 2500 be enough for them? What would rigging look like to Target them?


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    It's A carolina rig. The bigger the boy. The bigger the toy. :smile:
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    I fish out of st marks to st George as well. Will also be in Destin for a conference and fishing that weekend. Your gag gear will be fine for ARS, just lighten up on your leader ( 40lb fluro is plenty ). Use as little lead as you can. You can tie chicken rig, fish finder (Carolina rig) or knocker rig. Hooks depend on bait. 3-0 to 6-0 circles should be fine. Good luck, oh and no clue what a white snapper is
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    white snapper are acutlly porgy i believe (white porgy) ive always heard em called white snapper on party boats and charters.
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    Start small hook wise and work your way up, unless you know you are on big fish.
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    5/0~7/0 circle ssg, 50 Flouro , swivel, 50 main line or something close,use big baits, will catch most fish when your bottom fishing. Tie a 2\3 hook chicken rig for white snapper/beeliners, with smaller baits. The public numbers will get hammered hard so watch your bottom machine on the way. 
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    A 2 hook chicken rig. Just make sure the hook is completely hidden by the bait. Preferably a fresh cigar minnow half or squid.  
     And a heavy lead to fire it down past the almost extinct triggers and AJ’s. 
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