Fuel tank removal and install Treasure Coast/Palm Beach

mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
Can anyone recommend someone to remove and install a fuel tank in my Mako 201 on the Tresure Coast or Palm Beach area?  I’d like to get it done soon . I’ve found plenty of places that will build the tank but no takers on the removal and install .

I’m even willing assist in the removal and install process if there are any independent mechanics out there willing to take on the task . 


  • AtkinsonAtkinson Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    I’m going through same thing now, Paul Garrett in Palm City. Phone is (772) 237-9989‬. 

    Painting entire hull, replacing tanks, re-wiring boat. 

    If you go in the next couple weeks you’ll see my boat being finished up. 
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    I’ll give him a call tomorrow. 

    Aside from my tank being original and due for a swap I think I might be getting bad gas .

    Has anyone had issues with water in their fuel from race trac in St.Lucie ? 
  • johnalkijohnalki Posts: 503 Officer
    Ethanol free gas from the refinery is 91 octane only. the 87 octane is only regular gas that has been treated and called ethanol free
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    So it’s possible I have water in my fuel from 87 octane “ethanol free”? 
  • doubletrebledoubletreble Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    I got 50 gallons from the Race Trac on PSL blvd 2.5 months ago. I've run the boat twice since then with no issues.

    Do you have a fuel water separator? Drop the filter and check if you suspect there could be water.
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    Yes I have a water separator actually 2.
    I was hoping for the best that it was the fuel . 
  • justintimejustintime Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I have issues with my fuel. (Jupiter) 'I have twin tanks and the one facing south, (same direction these storms and wind have come from for three weeks)ran like crap Friday. I put in 2 gallons of fresh fuel (always rec 90 non ethanol and my tanks were full) and Stabil on Saturday, had brief issues sat night and Sunday night but today on the way to the Ways boatyard it ran like a champ. You may just need your tank cleaned out or just need to burn it out. Outbaords are picky. I've sucked bad gas out of my boats tank and put it in my truck and truck ran like a champ on it,? . If you have crud in your fuel seperators thats a sure sign and this rain guarentees water in tank, with 3 weeks of rain and 90% humidity it will get into your fuel, I may cover the vent on my fuel cap next time we have a tropical system to cut back on the moisture. Tommy gaston at Seagate marina refered me to a guy who solved my bad fuel I have issues with my fuel. 

  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    justintime whos the guy that solved your issue?
  • justintimejustintime Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I can’t remember his name this was three years ago.  Tommy at seagate referred me. I just ran into an old friend (Anthony)
    who now works at lighthouse marine solutions in JUPITER. I mentioned my fuel issues and he said they rent their shop from one of the best fuel tank techs in JUPITER. I trust the guy so I would try them for a major job. A friend of mine a few years ago kept having fuel issues and it turned out his gas cap was mounted on his gunnel in a way that let water splash onto it during rough seas and then drip down the fuel vent pipe and into his tank. He solved that by putting a loop in his vent hose to trap water and allow it to evaporate before it could drip into tank. That  May be a quick fix that could help you. 
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