Bimini , Whats running in June and need some advise

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Planning on crossing this Sunday to Bimini and staying at Sands.  Taking a couple of friends that are novice like myself and I would like to put them on some fish.  Im not really rigged for bottom fishing , basically trolling .  I gave a couple 50's . 4 25=s  and 2 spinners.   Whats the best advise for Mahi, Wahoo and blackfin.  Not sure I want to run up to Isaccs or the Canyons because of the lack of radar.   When trolling with rigged ballyhoo , whats your basic set up,, or is better to run artificial lures, and if so whats the best trolling speeds.

Thanks for any input.



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    Appreciate all the help..... this board is dead
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    Have not been to Bimini in a million years but all the same rules should apply. Mix ballys and lures until you figure out what works. Blue and white islander on one, one naked, one chugger up close, one lipped plug and a small shotgun lure way back to start. Than let the successes tell you what to use. Chum for yellowtail on the reef edge and try jigs
    between 220 and 300. Should at least get you some dinner. If you don't mind burning the fuel you should go to Isaacs just to see it and bottom fish. Worth the gas IMHO. good luck. dont give up on the forum not many look everyday.
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    Just like privateer said same rules apply. If you look at the recent West End post you will see some information that is very helpful.  If your going to pull lures out front I would say to just find the east edge of the stream and push inside and outside of that.  If you go back into "Competes" (sp?)  posts he fishes a ton and spent a bunch of time fishing right out front pulling baits/lures and always seemed to get bites.  

    I would strongly suggest purchasing deep dropping equipment. Its a ton of fun with the right group and a productive area.  I have personally not done well deep dropping out front. I have done well up by Issacs and down south of Cat.  

    A thought would be to troll north or south for a few hours then bottom fish in less than 150' or go dropping in the 400-1200 range.  

    Trolling pre-rigged ballyhoo off the ledge will probably only produce a nice box of cudas. 

    If you have specific questions please ask, there is still knowledge on this forum. 
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    If your looking for Mahi fish of the north tip of North Bimini.  The currents there typically form Eddies and collect weed.  Don't troll too close to the drop/reef or it will be a cuda fest.  I typically troll between 1,400 and 2,400 feet which is only a few miles off the beach.
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