Jupiter 6/8

CudaJuiceCudaJuice Hobe SoundPosts: 21 Greenhorn
cleared the inlet at 11:30am, ran to 140 and trolled the edge of the ledge.  Lots of scattered weed from 100’-300’. No luck, then the skies opened up and it all went downhill.  Seas went to crap and lightning was everywhere.  Had one lightning strike hit the water about 100 yards away.  The closest I have ever been.  Scary!  Ended up catching 1 bonita and got cut off on whatever else hit at 190’. I am gonna tell myself it was a wahoo so I feel better. Gonna try again to tomorrow.  Hopefully with better results. 


  • flknifemakerflknifemaker Posts: 112 Deckhand
    I hear ya ! I went out yesterday of JI caught two dolphin then the storms came in . I decided I could out run it by going in LWI , wrong !!!!
    lighting was striking all around and seas picked up quick 
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