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Destin/Ft Walton beach fishing report Jun 6th

Lots of mangrove snappers on the deeper docks in the bays and bayous, not too hard to find. Use live shrimp on a small 1/0 circle hook. A little trick i have learned to avoid missing so many of them is when you start to feel them bite, let out some line so they will eat it. If they feel you at all they let go so this has been working for me.  Lots of black drum and reds on the deeper docks as well. Early morning and just before sunset topwater is on fire on the flats  also, find the mullet jumping, throw a spook, yozuri, and a new fav of mine that a guy in Pcola has put me on are the Manns 1- wakebaits. they really do work.  Good luck!

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