DI Reef Fishing

After the rain moved on this morning I got my Wyoming cousin out to the reef, it's still very dark from the rains. We caught some nice trout and blue fish mostly on white gulp then the bite stopped. We then moved to Turkey Point Shoals and the water was very clear and caught plenty of trout and lady fish.The surface water temp on my machine was 80.5. I'm sending him home with a nice sunburn and plenty of mosquito and yellow fly bites.


  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 13,049 AG
    Good deal, especially the insect bites LOL. Now he knows what we deal with all Summer long :smiley:

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    Was that his first time catching ladyfish?

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    Was that his first time catching ladyfish?
    Yep and he violated my rule of never bringing on board. Lady fish always poop on the deck and it's tough to remove, but they are fun on light tackle, I just hate to lose perfectly good gulps to them.
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    Ladyfish hold the Olympic record for squirting poop distance. You can old them at the end of a 7ft rod with your arms extended and they can still ring the boat. Good Dill on the catching esp trout. 
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