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any hope of salvaging a new ignition coil on for a Merc?

Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 11,816 AG
Bought it less than 6 months ago, still looks brand new.  Last week it caught on the cowling as I was putting it back on and ripped out of the plug end and coil end.   

I ordered a new one and put it on the boat at $118 but i'm hoping i can at least do a patch job on this one seeing as it's basically brand new and have it for an emergency.   

Or am I just wasting my time.  we did attempt to connect it back to the plug end and thread it on the screw on the coil end but it didn't fire.   Thinking maybe if i soldered it on both ends maybe it would be fine?  But the ignition end has a screw that connected it to the wire so maybe cut some of the wire to expose more wire and try to solder that way?   
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