Reel Handle Repair/Replace

The reel is a Wright & McGill Sabalos spinning reel.  Having trouble finding replacement handle for my reel.  All I've uncovered is having to replace the entire arm/handle assembly.


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    They machined it A certain way for what ever reason.

    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
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    Buy an Eva knob off eBay. You’ll have to drill out the rivet that is holding the shaft onto the handle. 

    Problem is that reel handle is corroded and might disintegrate on you when you try to drill out the rivet.  
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    Something like this. Just A thought. ;)

    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,186 Officer
    There were tow ball bearings on the handle that disintegrated.  If it were mine i'd replace the whole handle when you find one.
  • DropTheHammerDropTheHammer East CoastPosts: 558 Officer
    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
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      Judging by the condition of the handle, it would appear that you've gotten your money out of that reel. I bought an aftermarket handle for a penn torque last year if you think you can make my old handle work for you, you're welcome to it. Free. Fabricating teflon arbors and bushings doesn't sound like much fun to me, checking pawn shops for a parts reel might be your best option.
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    Your first item would be to contact the manufacturer and see if they even attempt to provide parts for those inexpensive reels...  you might get lucky - but I normally tell all my customers that they ought to stick to Penn, Daiwa, Quantum, or Shimano if they want a reel with a parts support system in place... These aren't the only outfits that do provide parts for their reels - and yes, there's a reason I've listed shimano last...

    Next, if Wright McGill either doesn't support (or no longer supports) that reel/model then you're in the used market (either looking for a parts reel - or a newer reel and your old reel will be the "parts reel"...).   Over the years I've had pretty good luck with E-Bay for that sort of need (enterprising folks buy old reels then tear them down and sell them piece by piece - for a pretty good profit...).  Simply enter the make and model of your reel and you'll quickly see whether anyone has what you want... Of course "buyer beware" is always the rule...

    As far as that handle itself - I've never seen anyone selling the small parts  that come with a complete handle -you'll either find a complete reel - or a complete handle - nothing in between...

    Good luck.  You'll quickly learn why I tell folks to stick with Penn, etc. if they want to repair their own gear.... 
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