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Great day out of Hernando Saturday (with video!)

37 miles off Hernando Beach. Decided to give it a shot instead of our usual spots west of Anclote. Nice drive out with long rollers under 2 feet. Stopped closer in at 32 feet first on an old spot of mine that I haven't hit in years. Viz wasn't great and so not too productive, but James and my brother saw nice ARS . . . . in 32 feet of water! Got a few hogs.

Headed out to 52 feet on spots I haven't dove in 3 years and some other spots I had numbers for but never dove.

JACKPOT! Me and Tim dove one spot that was LOADED with fish. Huge gags (saw one that had to be at least 36 inches), monster ARS (some that to my eyes looked north of 30 inches), lots of mangos (found them!) and some nice hogs. I shot my limit of hogs in 10 minutes on this spot and there were at least a dozen more that I saw.

Video to come - no sharks that I saw, great viz in 50+ feet, no current. Also encountered and got video of some fish I had never seen before - Orange Filefish. Very cool!

Coming back in was awesome - I did WOT at 37 mph almost all the way back in. Weather was great and only saw lightning once and that further south and east inland.

Lot of radio chatter all day on 16 - lots of groundings, injuries, missing kayaker, etc. Glad I wasn't anywhere near Pasco or Pinellas.

Video from the day - the Golden Filefish were the highlight of my day, but the ARS and gags we saw were HUGE!



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