6 Mile Reef

Where exactly is the 6 mile reef out of stuart? I don't see it on any local charts. 


  • skoonrskoonr Hobe SoundPosts: 17 Greenhorn
    Basically head a little south of the inlet and start watching the depth finder in 75 feet its a pretty wide flattish reef you'll see it no prob it runs south for miles....
  • DrTredDrTred Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    2 main reefs here out of Saint lucie First is 6 mile. occurs at 65-75 ft and you will see it as a ledge on your depth machine. It runs north and south and varies in structure depth etc..  
    Next is 8 mile usually 85-100 ft nice ledge running North To South. I anchor on the offshore edge and use a Danforth or sand anchor. I don't like Seabass or triggers or smaller pecker fish. Usually large Mangrove snappers and Mutton and an occasional Grouper Red and Gag. I always catch grunts, a blue runner  and smaller fish as soon as I can. The bigger fish eat the fresh caught grunts and chunks of blue runner. Bait stealers eat sardines and dead frozen bait for the most part. Use a long leader for Mutton and short chicken rig "2 hooks" for the mangrove snappers. 

    The other fantastic spot is anywhere directly offshore of the Loran Tower 50 ft on out to 90 ft lots and lots of structure there. My number one spot is the loran ledge.     
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