Gas prices are soaring



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    Cyclist said:
    Cyclist said:
    Man, that's a tough break. Better than a sharp stick to the eye though!
    It was still good to see the daughter and take the future son in law out fishing, he'd never caught a trout.  And his first one is a 24" gator!   He didn't understand my enthusiasm for that fish until later.  I told him he'll probably not catch a bigger one anytime soon if ever.   

    And even at the sandbar, we'd throw a butterflied pinfish out into the channel, and reel in a bonnethead every single time.   We'll just have to hope next year the weather cooperates more.    Drank copious amounts of Haitian rum,  a bottle of El Dorado rum, and corona.   There are worse ways to spend a week. 
    Family time! :) Nice to get along with the future son.
    He's a good kid.   I haven't like most of the other guys she's dated but this one is mature, works his butt off, and is really good to her.  
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    I love being in the Keys in the summer.  I need to plan a trip....
    Vote for the other candidate
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