5/24 Fishing Report - Islamorada

WideSpread25WideSpread25 Posts: 76 Greenhorn
After catching some dolphin yesterday, we planned on hitting the reef today to try for some yellowtails. muttons, and groupers. 

We didn't have any luck with the muttons, or groups but we did get in on some yellowtails.

Thawed out a box of chum the night before, and had one of the ladies mix up the secret sauce this morning (Chum Balls) in the 5 gallon bucket. Got some ballyhoo, cut it up into little chunks for bait. Went out to 80-100' on the reef, then enhanced the bottom reader to 3x to find some good live bottom. Marked a good spot, then played around for a hot minute to set anchor and drift back to our mark. Put two chum blocks in the bag, and let a good chum slick form by sitting for about 15 mins. In the meantime, we were also dropping some baseball sized chum balls to the bottom. You could see the bait, and fish rising on the bottom reader. 

Threw two lines behind the motors in the chum slick w/ the bail open, dropping the tip of the rods in the water then popping them up to let line out. Once we saw the line start to take a little faster than the almost non existant current at the reel, we reel to close the bail and YT's on. The first few were not keepers, then we started to catch some of the keepers and big boys. After using the same technique at a couple different live bottoms that we found on the reef, we ended up with 12 nice keepers but no muttons or groupers. Still a fun trip for a few hours. 

YT tackle was 12lb mono w/ 15lb flouro connected by a double uni knot to a size 4 Jhook. 

Here's a pic of a nice flag we caught earlier. 


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