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    read about it..this isnt the cliff notes of hunting website. U and 200 other people r watching this thread. Typical newbies not willing to put in the time looking for instant gratification.
    If you don’t want to participate in the topic, why do you even comment?
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    I never walk to the stand in the dark. I did a lot on WMA,s just because I didn't want to end up making folks mad. But now on my Lease it's First Light when I can see the ground a little.
    Haven't got Turned Around since..
    Killin and Grillin :grin
    I killed 4 WMA bucks last year, 3 from a chair and 1 from a climber sitting about 3' up. 2 of the bucks were taken from ground blinds. The only ground blind I have ever brushed in is my new Baronett Ox 5 because that sucker is huge. I keep my blinds backed up in cabbage palms, blowdowns, palmetto edges, etc. By doing this, I have not had an issue with deer shying away from my hides. 
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     I quit  climbing in a few years ago. I have now grown accustomed to blinds and find them very productive. Two years ago arriving in West Virginia a little late in the afternoon, I just wanted some woods I took off down the hill popped my blind up in a nice location where iwe had seen  deer in the previous years, within an hour Or so I had three deer 8 feet from that blind. The following day I measured the foot print to wall of blind.
     The last two years up there I’ve killed 4 buck 4 doe. I more than likely will forever hunt a blind.  You have to remember in a blind ,you don’t want your silhouette be seen, so when you’re opening the windows open one and the one to the rear open the opposite side, the one to your left open it on one side, the one to your right the sure  the deer cannot see through the windows and see your movement.
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    Turner River Terror’s notes about paying attention to concealment behind the ground site is worth repeating in my experience.
    It is a real sense of freedom and ease to not climb.
    I too have witnessed deer within feet of a ground level seat.
    Lease stand setup is left in place year round, vines and brush allowed to grow, trimmed jus’ right.
    And seating comfort important, a comfy fairly large chair one would not normally tote through the woods.
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
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    James243 said:
    Ive thought about this topic since i do not have second stand. My only question is does it not scare the crap out of anyone to be ground floor in pitch black darkness? Being 20 feet up i feel relaxed and safe. Idk if i could do morning hunts off the ground.
    Here's my way of thinking: Why go into a spot that you think you're going to see  a deer when it's too dark to legally shoot it?  Only reason to come in early is to let things settle down from all the noise you make trying to slip in in the dark and get up a tree. 
    This is true. I will try it this season
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    I drew a first week general gun quota permit for turner river in big cypress. It wasnt my first choice but i'll make do. I have a ladder stand my uncle gave me and will be scouting big cypress in august. I don't really like the idea of leaving my ladder stand in a romp n stomp and can't afford a climbing stand right now. Is turner river in big cypress doable for ground hunting?
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