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yankee capts 11-18

Another great trip thank you Greg Matty and Crew. Cant forget Danny thank you for the this trip.
The trip started at 90 feet and mutts came up fast but then they slowed down. We tried the next
spot and the same .But i think Mike and Matt were rocking the boat :grin. Lil bumpy. The weather was not on
our side but not to bad defiantly fishable. Half way through the trip the red groupers started coming over but just
short by 1 inch. more nice mutts .I saw a few blacks and one nice gag about 15#. I hope the crew does not get
mad with this but i cant help to say something.I was given the honor to collect the tips and i was disgusted
with what i saw. Some people were actully giving a $20 tip. $20 really!.......... Come on guys .Last time i checked
$20 is not 15 percent. Think back when you hook the dogs aka ''sharks'' and who is there to take them off the
crew thats who.They work very hard for us. A good tip is $60-$70 a great tip is $80-$100 and $100- up is even better. I know things are bad
but come on. Thanksgiving trip is going to be a good one guys, wish i could make it .well enough talking and here
are some pic's.

Joe your teaching this kid to much .He looks like a pro.
First night with a nice mutt and matt in the background.
Hey googan get my hook back lol j/k
Mike with a nice mutt.
cesar and me blasting the muffins.
Another nice mutt.
27# king pool winner.Thank you come again.
Nice gag
The crew working hard as usual
My limit and Fire truck 14#
Mike and I. with some nice fish but bad pic taker lol


  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    mike and i with some nice fish
    nice gag
    # king pool winner

    sorry I tried 2 times and just now it worked.I almost quit on the post.
  • LitiGATORLitiGATOR Posts: 819 Officer
    Great job, again.
  • jakedgejakedge Posts: 1,303 Officer
    I collected for the mates on a trip last year and was equally disgusted by some of the tips. One guy who had his son along actually said no. Nothing at all for two anglers! The mates work like animals on that boat. Around the clock, they are always there to help. They deserve their 20%.
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 1,003 Officer
    Thanks for taking the time to post Bob.

    As far as the crew getting tips, well what I can say? A $20 bill for a 2 day trip equals $3.50 per person per day. IMHO people should be ashamed of themselves. If I say anything else I will get myself in trouble.

    Have a great holiday everyone!

  • reeladventuresreeladventures Posts: 304 Deckhand
    Thanks for sharing! Great post! You are so right about how little people tip on charter boats. I was on a trip out of NC and one guy seriously gave the crew 5$ for 6 guys fishing. The trip was $100 a person which is nothing like the cost of your trip, but that tip is still horrible. I'm a college student and I gave them way more than that. You must treat those guys well because they work extremely hard. Anyways Good job out there! Tight lines on your next trip!
    2015 Hewes Redfisher18
  • swinsond1971swinsond1971 Posts: 183 Officer
    Great job Booby! Nice job on the Big Dumb Firetruck Red and King, and way to put an assault on those muttons. I knew you would fish harder than me. I just wasn't ready for a physical beating out there. Heard the Dogs were in full force. Glad you brought the tip thing up since a few of us were talking about this last week. What a bunch of BS!!!!! That job is not easy, and those mates don't ever give you a reason to not tip them properly. Take your low number of $60 x 25 anglers = $1500 with 4 mates they each would get $375 for the trip. This of course is with 25 anglers which you don't always get, but a low end tip. Tipping 4 mates $20 over two days is embarrassing especially when they give you no reason.
  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,427 Officer
    jakedge wrote: »
    I collected for the mates on a trip last year and was equally disgusted by some of the tips. One guy who had his son along actually said no. Nothing at all for two anglers! The mates work like animals on that boat. Around the clock, they are always there to help. They deserve their 20%.

    That's just wrong. It was a three day trip too! 80-100 should be the bare minimum for a three day trip.
    Good job on mutts Bobby.
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Thanks guys just trying to help Danny u should of gone buddy

    Hey guys I went on the boat and I have around 150 Gogs
    Thanksgiving special 2$ each come and get them wont last
    754 2730160
  • LitiGATORLitiGATOR Posts: 819 Officer
    That's a great deal on fresh gogs
  • accuratemikeaccuratemike Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    Bobby pretty much summed it up, bumpy trip start to finish but far from unfishable. Captains and crew worked hard as usual and did a great job trying to put us on the fish despite the conditions. Hats off to bobby who kicked *** on this trip proving to everyone at the rail that the fish were definitely there on just about every stop. I also applaud Bobby for pointing out how hard the crew works on this boat. Anyone whos been on one of these trips knows how hard it is just to stand at the rail and stay awake for most of the trip. Just imagine if you were working that entire time running around gaffing fish dealin with tangles and as bobby said unhooking sharks. Then having to take in and put out the anchor once or twice an hour. Those guys work hard and deserve their 20% whether you catch alot of fish or not. Have some respect people. Thanks again Yankee Capts for another great trip.
    Oh yeah, there it is
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 1,003 Officer
    It should also be mentioned that the tips are for the deck crew only. Captains do not EVER take a cut.

  • gzautnergzautner Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    i have been asked more than once to collect tips and hate it because of the $20 tips i see go in the hat. just love the comment i need to get my wallet. u all know who u are if your reading this! the guys i go with always give a 20% tip no matter what. they work alot harder than what we see, getting the boat ready !!!!!!!
  • evansmithevansmith Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Great pics and looks like a great trip!

    Worst tip I ever got as a deckhand was 8$ for an 8 hour trip for 6 people. Private charter and I was the only mate. :huh
  • cudamancudaman Kendal LakesPosts: 409 Deckhand
    Nice fishing as always on the Yankee Capts....Some people just don't want to understand how hard these mates work and that they are not there for 100% personal assistance...Just watching them work that anchor hurts my back watching them and seeing the risk of them getting those hands tangled in the rope is crazy. They deserve the 20% from the price of the trip and then some. I always calculate the mates tip in my budget to go on any type of charter or party boat fishing.
  • swinsond1971swinsond1971 Posts: 183 Officer
    Cuda, that is a great point. That's the problem. A lot of those guys don't factor in the tip into their trip budget.
  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    They deserve the 20% from the price of the trip and then some. I always calculate the mates tip in my budget to go on any type of charter or party boat fishing.

    Hey guys sorry I haven't been around in a while, lots on my plate at the homefront.:cookoo

    Tipping on head boats has and will always be a hot subject, I can't tell you how many argruements I have seen over the years on this subject. Cuda mans statement is right on the money as well as many others on % wise for tips.

    I have seen signs posted on boats about it and some people just don't get it, next to the Capt. the mate is going to be the first one at your side, for de-hooking a fish, untangling lines, re-rigging, even tips on bait prep and presentation...that's just the fishing side,

    They are also trained to be first on line in case of and emergency and the direct contact to the Capt for an evaluation of either a medecial emergency of mechanical emergency, they are also trained in how to keep people calm and don PFD's if needed, detach life boats etc. There is a lot more behind the scences then we all are aware because that's we all see when they work the deck.

    Then they get the privalge to clean the boat top to bottom while we are loading up our coolers and then probally another hour or 2 cleaning to insure that the next crew has a clean, well stocked and safe boat to go on, that ice doesn't grow wings and fly into that boat.

    When I have run trips in the past I always try to emphasize the tip is not part of the fare not only for the crew but for the galley.

    Does it add to the cost, sure it does but as Cudamn states you need to get your numbers straight before you even think about these types of trips.

    These people depend more on the tips then they get paid and to throw them 20 bucks after a 3 day trip is not only insulting but I would say down right cheap and you should be ashamed of yourself's.

    Hope to see some of you soon if I can get my ducks in row. If not have a great holiday season for all.:thumbsup
    Capt Bill
  • TonyNJTonyNJ Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Low tipping is one of my pet peeves. So here's my "tip" for you... Here in NJ, when I go out on a party boat I tip $25 on a $60 fare but I do it at the beginning of the trip. Want to guess who gets the best looking baits, gets handed the "hot" rig or jig and always seems to have a mate ready with a gaff or net? These guys are out there to make your day enjoyable and productive.

    31 Ocean Master

    17 Sugar Sand Tango - Sold
    33 Bertram - Sold
    26 Robalo - Sold
    34 Silverton - Sold
  • HeavyhitterHeavyhitter Posts: 91 Deckhand
    if anyone is interested, I have a charter going out monday morning on the Capts and returning on wed, looks like the weather is going to give us a break! you can email me at [email protected]
    We are over due for a epic trip!
  • fish4funfish4fun Posts: 225 Officer
    I'm a heavy tipper..even when I shouldn't be. That's my bad. However...sometimes a guy saves all he can to take his son on a trip like this....he might not have the extra to tip according to what others think he should.

    Which one of you would deny your son the chance to catch some big fish because you didn't have the scratch to tip the mate? "No son we can't go, I can't afford the tip!"

    "Gee okay Dad, maybe next time." Yeah right.

    "Hey Jimmy, you're back from Florida! Did you go on that awesome fishing trip?"

    "No. It sucked. My dad heard on some website you're supposed to tip more than he can we didn't go. He saved up a long time for this, I guess just not enough. I think he was more bummed than I was."

    "Aw man, that sucks."

    "Yeah, tell me about it."
  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    My dad heard on some website you're supposed to tip more than he can we didn't go

    Some people do and thats entirely up to them

    No one is saying tip more then you can afford but tip in the 15-20% range should be figured into your budget for a trip, especailly with a kid involved.

    The mates are going to make sure that first he is safe, second he has the oppertunity to learn some real tricks and catch fish and third keep his line in the water.

    Or you could grow an extra set of eyes to watch him, you give him the instrcutions for rigging tackle, cut his bait as well as yours, take off the sharks that are caught, get the tangles out with other fisherman and list could go on and on.

    These trips are expensive for ALL and everyone wants to enjoy themselves and the mates are the front line dealing with the customer.

    So for a $500 trip 80-100 per person should be figured in.
    Capt Bill
  • BoloBolo Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Good job Bobby.
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