Walker's Cay

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Great news to share. Walker’s closed yesterday with a wonderful family who cherish its rich history, past memories and who have a vision for its rebirth. We were blessed to be part of this transition and we are excited for the Rebirth of this special Island that we all cherish. Congratulations to Carl and Gigi Allen! All our best wishes, Diane and John Jenkins Jenkins Realty, Inc.



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    I hope everything works out many great
     times there.
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    will it be open to the public ??
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    Best news in a long time. If you watch the video that has been posted to the website, they say that Walker's will be much like it was...a fishing and diving center with the added benefits of a strong science presence. The Bahamas needs to develop some sort of sustainability plan and GOOD science is the only way that will happen.
    Thanks to the Allen family. I am now glad I have paid all that money to Walgreens!
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    I cleared Customs in Walkers first about 1977 with a Library Card for ID.
    Sure was a neat place...
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    great news loved that place......
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    I have many nights logged on that rock.

    One of my favorite places on the planet.
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    Had lots of fun there in the mid 80's. Got some good advice on boats, airplanes and women from Big Daddy.
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