installing winn grips/ reviews

Thinking of putting these on my next build. Rod has a butt of .73 and the biggest winn grips have a .50 ID. Do they require reaming or can you lube them up and slide them down like EVA? They aren't cheap, and don't want to screw it up too bad.

Also any reviews? How is the longevity? 


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    Ream to fit. Too much stretch could pop the polymer coating away from the eva core.
  • Croaker JOCroaker JO Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Ream to fit.
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    Finally got around to getting the grips installed. Had to wait a few weeks for the blank to arrive.
     I went with 15inch rear grip and 9 inch fore grip. Reaming the 15 inch rear grip was a major pain in the ****, but got it done. Foregrip was much easier, so much easier, that I actually over reamed it a bit. Had to build up a couple arbors out of 1/4inch tape. 

    I found that you don’t need to completely ream them to a snug fit like cork, the rear grip easily slid down a few inches once I added the epoxy. 

    Over all, the look and feel of the grips are awesome. I’m a little skeptical about the longevity, seems like they won’t like being torqued around, but we will see. 

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    It looks good.  Let us know how you like it after it gets used a few times.
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    Long term riding in rod holders on the boat will wear out the grips. Eventually the outside tears and fades. built several rods with the winn grips and after a couple years they start to look bad. just my opinion....
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    Yea, thats pretty much what I am expecting, but we will see. They do feel awesome though. 
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