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5/10 St Augustine Offshore

First off, I'm not sure why people are so hush hush about putting up reports.  I thought thats what this forum was for, helping out fellow fishermen and women.   It's not like you're giving out numbers, Just a heads up that something might be worth fishing for.  Oh well, here's my report.  I hope it helps.

Left Vilano yesterday at about 630am, just in time to watch the sun pop up on the ride out.  Seas were nice, just a spread out ground swell.  Was able to run 30kts all the way out.  Stopped off in the 120' area to check water temps (74) and we saw some nice weed mats and lines starting to form.  Checked a few out with nothing to show.  Continued east and when we crossed over a drop off from 178-210' I noticed a real nice bottom piece.  Marked it for bottom fishing later.  Water was blue as could be and temp was up to about 75-76 degrees.  started getting lines in the water around 280' and trolled east.  Somewhere around 500' for absolutely no reason the line goes off......FISH ON.  everybody worked well together and got the fish in the boat.  About a 18-20lb cow.  Lines back out, trolled over the exact spot and nothing, so we continued out to 600' then spun around.  Got back to that spot from the first hookup and the outrigger goes off.  Half way through reeling that one in another line goes off.  Double hook up and both fish in the boat.  Same size, 1 cow 1 bull.  Never saw anything else swimming with them.  Continued trolling and had a nice dolphin come look at the spread but never bit.  Trolled until about 1230 and picked up lines and went back to bottom fish that spot.  First drop....double triggers.  Pulled in a couple more of those and then the bar jacks started chewing :| Not much more on the bottom bite.  From the sound of the radio it sounded like the afternoon bite was on fire.  Mahis, tuna, wahoo, sails, and a blue marlin hook up.  Oh well, looking back I wish we would have committed to one or the other but either way it was a great day and we put some good fish in the box.  Seas were slick calm for the ride in at 47kts.  

If y'all can get out there then do it.  Mahis are chewing.  I'll put up some pictures shortly

Tight lines, Matt


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