5/11/18 Boca Tunas + Kings

CaptNemoCaptNemo Posts: 159 Deckhand
Headed just north from Boca and started our drift out in 300' - we moved in and to the south at about a knot, maybe a litter fast, all morning long. No bites in the 200'-300' range but the magic numbers seemed to be 160'-180'. We were able to fill the box early with big Tuna and a some decent Kings (all fish were caught before 9:30am). All bites came off live Gogs and the biggest Tuna came under the kite - all rigs had a wire trace. We also all caught a Sail and Bonita in the same area. Water was nice and blue as well.

At the dock there were some guys that went out to 600'-800' and landed a couple of Mahi. Pretty good day overall.


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    Excellent report...a great sucess....thanks!  :)

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    Very nice,the guys fishing the tournament
    Saturday would have loved to caught those tuna.
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