Grouper Fishing off Ocean Reef - There Be Sharks!

Didn't think I was going out due to the forecast and overnight winds, but woke up to winds around 9 knots so I called my friends and convinced them to go.  It was already a late start, and with the bait catching made it out to the first spot around noon.  No current (ugh).  Tried some drifts but not a bite.  Moved a little farther south and anchored on a spot and quickly got bites, but so did the sharks!  Tried three spots in 130' with absolutely no current and each spot had fish, and sharks.  The final tally:

4 Black Grouper caught.
1 nice Yellow Jack caught
1 Red Hind and 1 Graysby caught
2 Red and 1 Black Grouper released
3 Grouper lost on bottom and one that popped 80 lb line (no current didn't help)
6-7 Grouper lost to the sharks, but did get one head
~10 Sandbar Sharks hooked and released at boatside

I heard a lot of talk on the radio of Mahi out in 800', and one boat fought a 500-lb Blue Marlin for over 5 hours before losing it.  Heartbreaker.


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