5/10 BBI Mahi and Blackfin

JWPBJWPB Posts: 154 Deckhand
Slow south current early.  mid morning seems to be no current at 100.  

Scattered weed so fouling deep lines but trying for a king to smoke. 

Lots of bonita, one huge that I kept for bait.  picked up one short and one 29" Mahi on surface blue jethead and a green rattlejet. 

One super small blackfin as well i released and one large that put up a good fight.  i assumed it was a large bonita but kept fighting till the end.  have not gaffed a tuna in a while but was too heavy to risk flipping it.  fishing solo so gaffed larger mahi as well. 

Only one bag of ice so slow trolling back now   Most  fish around 150' at Lake worth pier. 
Jupiter 29FS


  • Dustin BoyntonDustin Boynton Boynton beachPosts: 328 Deckhand
    Nice job thanks for report.  Going in morning will report
  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 388 Deckhand
    Nice tuna......
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,397 Officer
    Nice catch,i always troll 2 green rattlejets in
     my spread.
  • JWPBJWPB Posts: 154 Deckhand
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    I have a friend who swears by the green rattlejet so I have a small and large.  I put out the 9" yesterday to hopefully avoid small bonita and that's what I caught the short dolphin on.  Also was a little windy so the larger one runs better on the outrigger.

    I was already fishy when I thought about taking a picture of the 29" Mahi on the filet table.  Female, lots of eggs, kind of skinny for the length.  Part of me wished I had released for the eggs to spawn as I'm still eating frozen Mahi. Got a few portions of meat, but nothing compared to the large steaks that came off the tuna.  That is the 10 inch grey rod cushion  in the picture for reference.  Fish looks smaller to me in the pic than it did when I was tired of hauling it in.
    Jupiter 29FS
  • GRSCGRSC Posts: 932 Officer
    Nice blacky... especially on the troll. 
  • Frosty1Frosty1 Posts: 107 Deckhand
    Nice Tuna, thanks for the report
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