Tapering a Fly Fishing leader for Mangrove Snook

robalo66robalo66 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
Just purchased a 8wt, 8' fly rod with a 7/8wt fly reel.  Got 20lb backing and Rio Saltwater WF8F fly line.  Plan on fishing for Snook in the mangroves .  Need some help on tying my own leaders.  What size do I start out with for butt section and what do I taper down to?  Do I used stiff or medium stiff material?  Hard mono or medium stiff mono?  Also, what is the recommended length?  What about tapered leaders?  I planning on tying bulky flies in the 2-3" size.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,251 Captain
    For docks and mangroves I use a 7.5' two piece 60/40lb leader. You should consider your own habitat when building yours. Your water might be clearer than mine, and you may/may not be targeting fish that easily chew through 30lb.
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