5/6: Estero Bay

BinderBinder Posts: 3,879 Captain

Loaded the boat and headed to the marina at 6:30 with 2 buddies. We ran out to the tripod for bait and when we got there a couple boats were already there but weren't netting anything. I motored next to the marker and the finder was showing a ton of bait so I threw the net and loaded the well.

One of the boats was a father with his son and I asked him if he had any luck and he said his net was too small to get to the bottom. I threw the net one more time and stepped on his boat, loading his well.

We shot out to a number and we were catching blue runners, jack and short gag grouper while eagle rays were jumping all around the boat.

We moved a couple hundred feet to the east and I hooked into a cobia. Got her in the boat after a couple of minutes.

Scott dropped a pilchard down and hooked into what we think was another cobia but he couldn't turn it's head and got broke off in the rocks. Mike fires one down as soon as Scott got broke off and hooked up. Several minutes later and we board another cobia.

We continued to catch short gags for the next hour with the occasional cut off by mackerel so we decided to run some traps on the way in. No tripletail willing to eat.

Once we got into the bay we hopped around along the east wall catching jack pretty much everywhere and one redfish at just over 26". My buddy lost what I think was another redfish in the same spot I caught mine. 

We called it a day around 2:30-3.


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