Anyone know someone or boat place near Titusville FL that can swap Merc outboards for a good price?

RangermanRangerman Titusville FLPosts: 78 Greenhorn

I have been looking for a Mercury 200 EFI for sale, not having much luck finding just an engine.  It looks like the best bet is to buy a boat with a 200 EFI and find someone who can put my Merc 150 XR4 on that boat and put the 200 EFI on my boat.  Titusville is in central Florida even with Orlando on the east coast of Florida.

 What would be a reasonable price to have the engines swapped and have all the electrical, fuel, oil, throttle and gear shift hooked up on both boats?



  • Circle-HookCircle-Hook Posts: 503 Officer
    Both engines use same controls and wiring- life will be much simpler if you leave shifter and wiring where it is and switch engines only - now with that said - if the control with the XR4 are original - then they are pushing 30 years old-
  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 817 Officer
    Brevard Marine on rt 520 in Cocoa. Chad does good work and they always gave me great prices (on used parts that were good) normal OMC prices. Chad works on old engines..mine is a 1990 200HP
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