Surf Spinning Reel Line Advice?

Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,479 Officer
So we won this new Akios Fireloop spinning reel in the Tourny raffle, and I'm not sure what to spool it with. It has a special long casting spool, that doesn't hold much line. Max line for 20lb mono is 120yds, and max line for 20lb braid is 260yds. I've never really fished braid before, but I'm tempted because of the extra line. What do y'all recommend, and will it need a top shot of mono? The reel is going on a 10' rod.

Thanks for any advice.

- Joey


  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,564 Captain
    20 braid is what I use all the time. No top shot. If I'm targeting snook in the surf I'll use six feet of mono ( 20-25) before my 30-40 leader.
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