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Outboard not priming? Maybe? Manual prime for Merc 150 2 stroke carb?

taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
**Short version: where is the manual prime under the cowling when the key primer breaks?**

Boat has been sitting quite a while so I expected a little trouble but didn't end up getting her started for some reason which is pretty rare. I am going to change the plugs tonight but the weird thing is I never got the "bog out" no matter how much I pushed the key in (primed) which I almost always do if I am having issues. After a while I decided to just see if I could purposely flood it and pushed the key in while starting, then before starting, etc quite a bit and still wasn't able to bog out while trying to start.

My question is, can someone post a pic of what I need to do to manually prime from under the cowling (I thought there was a button or lever) to see if maybe the solenoid or whatever it uses went bad? Hope that makes sense :|


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