Homosassa 4-20 with the kids

Picked the kids up early from school and made it out on the water by about 130. I was surprised at the amount of boat trailers in the lot as there were only a few spots left. We made it out to the flats about a mile out and my plan was to fish for an hour or two then take the kids swimming at the springs. The kids boated a few short trout on artificial and were satisfied and ready to head in to swim. Also had some large fish that appeared to be feeding around the boat I never got a clear look at what they could be but were larger than the trout and would would boil and disappear. My wife did see something break the surface that was black. Anybody got an idea on what it could have been? I was thinking possibly tarpon but never got a look to confirm. I was ready to head in after retying and playing referee trying to avoid them hooking one another. My 5 year old girl was ecstatic as we were able to get some dolphins to jump in the boat wake and also she was able to feed a bird on the way in the channel. After circling monkey island we hit the springs and got to see an otter and also got to swim around a couple manatees. There were no other boats at the springs for a while which was nice. After a couple hours at the springs we made our way back to the ramp and had the boat cleaned and parked before dark. Overall a good day out on the water with the fam.


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    There ain't nothing like making memories with your family!! Your post made me think back to when my boys were young and the many fishing trips we took! About those boils you saw, they could have been cobia but sea turtles will often pop their heads out of the water and get scared when they see you! Then they'll make a big swirl getting turned around to dive. If you don't see their head you'll often think it's a big dark fish???
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    That’s what I told my wife it probably was. The only thing that made me think different was that we saw a few different boils around the same time. I usually only see the sea turtles by themselves. But I still think the turtles is the most likely explanation. Plus it didn’t help that the water was pretty dirty. It also kept the kids imagination going guessing what it could be.
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    It was turtles. Tons of them out there last weekend.
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    Great trip dad !  Sounds like they had a blast.
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    Good dill, great memories.
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