Loomis Crosscurrent Pro-1 or NRX Pro-1

bsfl1bsfl1 Posts: 33 Greenhorn
Does any one have a Loomis CC Pro-1 or NRX Pro-1 in 9 wt that they want to sell or trade for a 4 piece NRX 9 wt? Located in Broward. Thanks.



  • mnigromnigro Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    How new is the NRX? The CC pro1 is on sale isn’t it? You may come out ahead if you sold the NRX
  • bsfl1bsfl1 Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    The NRX is a few years old, never used it too much cuz I liked my 7 wt CC Pro-1 so much. Am more interested in NRX Pro-1. I could sell it sure, but some one may want to trade!
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