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More Snook

18 Apr 2018...Wabasso South/Vero...First stop Pine Island, nothing.  Next Hobart Landing, Baby Jack and big Lady.   Sisters, nothing.  Spoil islands, 14.5 inch Trout on the edges and the flats.  Past the Golf Cart Bridge, loaded with Mullet, not much room for anything else.  Did hit a pair of short Snook.  Loggerheads, nice edge, throwing Baby Vudu Shrimp on 4 # test.  Solid bump and off to the races,  stopped 4 times at the edge of the Mangroves, 28.5 inch Snook.  Released for another day.  Few small Snapper at the bridge, Snook popping bait, would not play.  Pulled about 30 feet of braid out of the Mangroves.  Off to the Estuary, not a thing.  Pulled another 30 feet of braid out of the Mangroves. Vero Mangroves, looks like male Snook cruising the outside Mangrove edges.  Big females way back in the Mangroves, almost impossible to target.  Watched a Sheepshead chewing on a Mangrove, quick pitch, bump, not fighting right.  Good reason, Little Ugly must have been in the area, 15 inches.  Pitching at a big Snook on the backside of a drop, ran over a Gator Trout.  Working the docks, Sheepshead were cooperative, biggest, 16 inches.  Boated and released 6 on the day.   Water is just a little too dirty for sight fishing them.


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