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PE Offshore 04/19

rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 664 Officer
Took my wife and brother in law on tiny Tim. At first there was a  2ft chop running out of the Southeast, had to take it slow. Started fishing at the 02 line. Naval patrol vessel stopped us and said we had to get out of the area (run northeast for a half mile) , nice guys. Weeds were scattered out to the 56 line, lot of boats,  finally saw a manowar bird. Followed him for 30 minutes , nothing around. Followed another manowar bird southwest nothing. Came in, calming seas and tide made a decent weedline at the 59/00line. Trolled south, triple header. One keeper and two shorts. Had a boat pull up, started up and leaving but we Picked up a double header he turned around and followed us along rip. We had four more singles. Saw that other boat hook one but it came off. So there were some fish around. Biggest 38 inches to fork, others near legal size. Glad to see some fish out of poop Everglades. 


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