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Anybody here ever fly fished the Caymans for bones and tarpon? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I have never heard of much on Grand Cayman. You could obviously target reef species like snapper and grouper, and pelagics like sailfish. I have seen episodes of Fishing the Flats on Cayman Brac for bonefish.

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    Try Barkers National park for Bone fish. North of George town. North West end of island, on the East side. Google maps is your friend. I spent a week in G C, was told to go to head of Barkers by a person that lived on the island. Problem was hurricane Isadore was coming through that week. 30 MPH winds constant the whole week. The dive master at the resort I stayed at told me all the Tarpon moved out of the canals, and the only Bone I found I spooked while entering the flat at Barkers. Caught some Cudas, saw some small Sharks. Was like fishing in a post card, waves breaking on the reef, and a large flat of Gin clear water, evan with the winds blowing. Would love to go back. We were there Sat to Sat, Hurricane came through
    Thursday. We were the only idiots driving around the island in a Hurricane. Five of us in the hot tub drinking bear in the poring rain. 
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    Like fishing in a aquarium.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. My son and I went and had tons of shots at Bones from 2-6 lbs and landed numerous fish while losing one that had to be 8-9 lbs. We also hooked several Poons from 5 lbs to 60 lbs but didn't land any of them. Great time
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    Sounds like a great trip for you and your son. I'm going next weekend for a few days. Was going to bring an 8 weight for bones, and a light spinner in case I see any big jacks and/or cuda. Should I also bring a 10 weight for poons? Heard they are targeted mostly in the summer months, but it sounds like you saw some decent numbers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
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    Yes, bring the 10 wt if you have room. The smaller poons were at Barkers in the canals and the larger ones were on the flats on the east end. Most of our luck with both bones and poons were with crab flies.....weed guards are a must!
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    Thanks for the advice. Gonna try to bring as much as I can without checking any bags. Will let you know how I do...
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    Good luck and enjoy
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