Hollywood Beach/ Wading Question

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My wife and I were in Hollywood for a week and few years ago for a short winter break and really liked the area.  However, I didn't fish at all and actually gave it little regard.

We're considering another trip there perhaps next year in the February-March time frame.

I'm not wanting anyone's hot spot or secret spot but are there areas within walking distance or shuttle distance that has some decent fishing?

How is the fishing right there on the beach perhaps between Hollywood and Dania and what type, size, and style tackle would be recommended?

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    There are public fishing piers in Lauderdale by the Sea, Dierfield Beach & Dania Beach.  Any of those should be a good place to start.  They should also be good places to network with local fish-on-foot guys.


    You can buy appropriate bait & tackle at the pier.  See what's biting that day & then buy what you need.

    Also, there is a really big Bass Pro shop & IGFA museum right by the Ft. Lauderdale tri-rail station, probably 3 miles from the Dania pier.  The Airport is east of Bass Pro & West of the Pier, & a little north.

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    I think you would get a better response posting on the south section, this thread is about 90 miles north of Hollywood.  That being said, I lived down there my whole life.  The north end of Hollywood Beach, close to Dania pier and north of the pier their are large schools of snook along the beach, this time of year.  Don't cast out, cast at a 45 degree angle or parallel to the beach using your favorite lure, Rapala, Skitterwalk, Mirrorlure, etc.  
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    This is terrific info and I thank you both immensely.  I'll post in the south section.
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