Looking for Info on offshore fishing out of Canaveral

New to Florida.  Fished the Gult side in the Fall and ready to try the Atlantic.  Looking to put out of Port Canaveral.  Have a Keywest 281 Billistic, twin Yamaha 300s, loaded.  Can anyone suggest boat ramp, info on getting weather updates (buoy), best bait shops, etc.  Any suggestions for making our first trip out a safe and good one from those experienced with fishing in this area.  Considering a trip Saturday if weather cooperates.


  • Just 1 MoreJust 1 More Posts: 106 Deckhand
    bouy 41009, just google it
  • jhdog13jhdog13 Posts: 177 Deckhand
    Check out fsfaclub.org.  Next meeting Apr 10 ; 1830, Front Street Civic Center, Melbourne.  Mostly offshore anglers.
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    Public ramp and parking right next to jetty park at the port. Decent bait shop there. Look for bait pods on the beach. Go east. Two best areas of hard bottom within 20 miles are 8a and Pelican Flats, both are on hot spot chart and both see lots of boats. 8a is closer but watch the shoals off the tip of the cape coming and going. Slow troll or drift for kingfish, bottom fish when going over the ledges. Mahi are generally further east, Gulf Stream is typically 25-30 miles out. Troll weed lines, temperature and color breaks. Water depth at 20 mile buoy (41009) is 120ft. 
    Fishing the Atlantic is very different than the gulf. Gulf is a bathtub, Atlantic is a washing machine. Wind over 10 is usually a no-go for me. 
    Tight lines.
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    I think saw you on i10 crossing mobile bay bridge today? Light blue or teal boat? 
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    We opted out when we looked at weather forecast and seas.  We are planning to try again the weekend of the 14th. It is a pale blue/teal boat though.  Can't wait to get out there.  Thanks for the information.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Looking to troll for dolphin and wahoo more than bottom fishing.  Might stop and drop a line on the way back in. 
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    Run east until you find something to troll on. Generally anywhere from 100'  out. Wahoo you'll usually find further out towards the deeper wrecks and the Cones (200'-400' ) if it's nice and you don't mind running 50- 60 miles get away from the crowds towards the middle of the stream you'll find more blackfins, mahi, and Wahoo. Than your in deep drop territory for goldens, snowys, yellow edge, all your deep drop species if you have the gear for it.Canaveral has a great deep drop fishery.

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