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Got out for the Mango's again 25mi west of St Pete 03/24

 We planned to fish in a little snapper tournament Friday night into Saturday but the tournament got cancelled so we said screw it, we'll go anyways. I wanted to run my boat anyways to get her ready for the charter season. We picked up the traps and they were loaded with pinfish,pigfish and sand perch.  The waves were a little sloppy but the 36 footer took the waves nicely at 32mph. By the time we got to the spot it was already sunset and just about dark. We got all chummed up and started fishing. The bite was nothing crazy, but we plugged away. Size wasn't quite as good as last week, but we never had to pull the anchor once and ended up getting a 7 person limit. Biggest was 25" but the average was around 18-22". We also must've caught 12-15 keeper gags on snapper gear. Of course our fair share of ARS as well. Until next time, tight lines! -Chris


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