Aftermarket gas filler/cap

gulfcoastgulfcoast Posts: 9 Greenhorn
Has anyone with the newer non-flush style gas cap/filler changed the filler out?  Maybe to one of the flush mounted fillers?  I was wondering if there were any recommendations or issues with venting on the replacement.  Thanks. 


  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,042 Officer
    Big brother has changed the requirements for fuel tanks on boats. Please post a picture of what is being installed on the new Egrets.

    I have a friend that has a brand new Skeeter and can't put fuel in it because it spits back. It's not venting correctly. That's not the only issue with the boat. So it's back at the dealer and it's on consignment.

  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,318 Officer
    The new EPA fuel tank systems in boats now are a complete system. There are two type of systems the one you have has pressure valves and multiple vent loops to work with your gas fill cap. You can not just replace it with a off the shelf low profile not vented or older vented fill cap. The system will not function correctly and cause excess pressure or starvation of fuel to the motor. There is more to the system but this is the simplest way for me to explain it.
    So don't replace the fill you may not like the outcome! B)  
  • gulfcoastgulfcoast Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    I was afraid that it would be complicated.  I guess I'll just leave it alone.  Thanks for the info. 
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    The 2014 Tommy D boat that's for sale has a lower profile vented gas cap.  Since the EPA regulations started Jan 1 2013 obviously Tommy figured out how to do the switch.  He also was smart enough to put the lifting ring in to get vent off the deck. Saltwater in fuel is bad. 

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    Since all boat manufactures had a certain time frame to comply before it became mandatory due to inventory of tanks etc. This boat was made with the old style fuel tank system. I was at the factory picking up my 2011 and saw two other boats being made with the last of the old system and all had the same vent cap and riser installed on them as mine did. After these last three boats the new systems were being implemented at that time which I saw in person on boats in production.
    Hope this helps.
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