looking for offshore info new smyrna (trade a trip)

I fish jupiter west palm area for snook and tarpon. My family is coming down for a reunion easter weekend and is bringing their albury brothers (23). I am hoping to get some info on what is going on offshore recently. We will be fully rigged for trolling or bottom dropping and I am just looking to get my Virginia family on some florida fish. Willing to run far, troll or  bottom drop. Happy to offer a full snook/tarpon trip to anybody if you are interested in trading info/trips. Anything would be appreciated. THanks in advance!!!



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    When are they in town?  The Dolphin run will be starting within the month and right now there are scattered Sailfish and Wahoo still around.  Bottom fishing will provide you with all the red snapper you want to catch and release, and actually make it kind of difficult to target other species.

    The cobia should be showing up relatively soon too when the winds allow.  You can still pick some up on the wrecks and ledges within 10-30 miles from shore. 

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    They are in town all week next week. I will be fishing with them on Monday 4/2. They are bringing their boat down and will be fishing all week. What depth/how far offshore to start a troll? Best way to find bottom to catch some reds? THanks for responding!!
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    I would get some public number from navionics, or buy a chart. Right now the best fishing will be on bottom spots with water 67* and up to about 74* with 68-72 ideal.

    I believe that temp right now is around 80' -140'. Cobia IMO seem to like metal wrecks such as tugs and barges, but can also be on natural ledges.

    High speed trolling, or dragging meat for wahoo can be done in that temp range over the same type structure, may also get an early mahi, late sail, or blackfin-never know kings and bonita are common as well.

    Some big seabass, beeliners, and lane snapper around so if your trying to bottom drop look for big V shaped marks around the bottom(could be cobia or jacks) and try a 6oz bucktail while others user chicken rigs(double dropper rig) with squid.

    The chicken rigs are made for the "stringer fish" but many a cobia will eat one, or follow up a hooked fish etc.

    Also grunts or any live bait is killer for cobes but will likely get red snapper.

    Tons of spots so dont waste time if your not catching much or marking much, best to drift unless you are really confident on the spot and anchoring skills.

    Dont live in the area, Im north in Jacksonville but grew up fishing there.

    Lastly, idk if taboo or not but the hulltruth website has a florida section with some roll calls and reports and some good info on the port canaveral and ponce guys.
    we need more internet money
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    We gave it a go last week

    out of PC to 800 ft
    35 miles

    some finicky runt dolphin in scattered weeds. Where you can find it. 

    Water temp was 76.5 max 

    lost some toothy critters in 240

    Fished the SISA area 

    120 ish

    busted of stud fish on med spin gear

    and released big snappers on the heavier gear. 

    water at 70

    no cobes wanted to play. 

    wait for the east to se wind

    if y’all hit that window and can find clean
    water right temp bait ,76/77 and formed lines. 

    the dolphin will be firing good. 

    Have fun.  

    Ron Alford Expert Investigations & Surveillance
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