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hey guys, going on my first fishing trip to the sunshine state. been a dream of mine since i can remember. watching ESPN outdoors every saturday morning, NBC sports. all those florida fishing shows had me dying to get down here. its finally happening and im very excited. 
my buddy and I are seasoned, experienced ,hardcore anglers. we will be fishing all day and night when we are down here

going to Stuart first, fishing the area for 3 day then to tampa for 3 day

we want to catch everything possible, from freshwater canals to the  bays and beaches.  we will be shore bound, unless my buddy pulls through and hooks us up with a boat.  

saltwater- snook, tarpon, redfish, trout, jacks, sheepshead, snapper, groupers and what ever else we could catch inshore

freshwater- peacocks, clownkinfe, snakeheads, oscars, mayan cichilids, tilapias, giant florida bass and what ever else bites our hook 

any info on techniques, locations, gear to bring, lures,baits, what ever info you could share would be greatly appreciated. 
please PM me if you want to give out info that you dont want on the forum. 

really trying to make this trip epic! 


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 699 Officer
    So, snook in the Stuart area that time of year shouldn't be all that difficult. Even from shore. Look at the beaches in that first trough and anywhere you can find rocks or structure. They will also be around the bridges and docks. I've attached a chart that shows Hobe Sound Beach (public beach where you can walk north and south as far as you want). Large live shrimp are a favorite (everything eats shrimp). Freeline them with the tide. 

    As for exotics like peacocks and all the rest. Look to Lake Osborne down in Palm Beach. There should be some parks and shorelines to fish there. Live shiners are excellent. But jerk baits will work too. 

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    You should be able to find some sheepshead and jack crevalle down in Sewall’s Point. Look up some of the piers and parks. There have been snook caught in the manatee pocket channel in Sandsprit Park. 
    Like the man said, live shrimp are the way to go. Bathtub beach area has some good surf fishing too, find the other parks along the same road for a less crowded area.
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    If fish Stuart and you expect to be fishing clear blue water you will very disappointed when you come over the dunes and see black stained water. Do not waste your time at the Hobe Sound beaches. If the locks are open the water will look like dark coffee. Tampa Bay will be crytsal clear with acres of grass flats and oyster bars; try Weedon Island area!
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    Jensen Beach causeway in the evening with shrimp is also a great choice for snook, expect to have some over slot fish in the mix. Snook Nook bait and tackle right around the corner on Indian River drive for your live shrimp. Fish them on a 1/2 oz jighead. 
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    It won't be as easy as the fishing shows make it! Keep that in mind. Where in MA do you live?
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