Ultimate Boaters House In Madeira Beach ON JOHN'S PASS for sale; 3450 square feet, HUGE DOCK, 789K.

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I cant believe it, I love this house and thought  i would own it forever but Its finally time time to sell my home on Johns Pass.

This is one of the best boating properties on the West Coast of Florida and would really like to see it go to a Fisherman or Spearfisherman so i figured that i would post it here.

Here is some info on the house:

First canal off Johns Pass; 5 minutes to the open gulf and you pass Don's Dock for Gas, Ice and beer on the way out.

HUGE dock with the largest terminal platform allowed by law; the house will dock up to 2  45' sailboats or Dive boats with ease; and have more than 6 feet of water at even the lowest tides. We have even docked up Sport fish boats up to 60' long at the end of the dock for the weekend.

The tie poles have been arranged in such a pay that shorter boats up to 25 feet can be parked parallel; and we have had up to four boats docked on property for spearfishing tournament shotgun starts. 

One of the slips can be expanded by just moving a few tie poles up to ANY beam for docking a Multihull catamaran or trimaran...  40 foot beam on a Trimaran?  No problem. 

Covered partially enclosed back porch area for boating equipment that we used to have our "dive shop" set up in which included a compressor, oxygen mixing equipment for nitrox, ice machine, 20 tanks and a dunk tank for gear rinsing... now its sadly empty but hopefully one of you will change that. 

120 feet of waterfront with great fishing and crabbing off the dock... I have caught Redfish, Snook, Sheephead, and even a tarpon on a pole and once caught a 23" gag grouper in my crab trap.   Yes;  i know its illegal to keep them from a trap and he was released after he was measured.    Good cast netting for Mullet.  Drop a pinfish trap or two down and in an hour you will have all the live bait you need for the day out.

The home is 3450 square feet with 6 bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, home office, and a flexible floor plan that can be used as a single family home, home with an in law suits, how with a large home office of as a duplex. Short term rentals are currently illegal; but many towns folk are doing it, getting away with it, and challenging this legally so that will likely change in the near future.

Home would be a great home base for a Sea Tow or charter operation. 

Some pics will follow; but there is extensive information and lots of pictures on my website www.johnspasshouse.com 

I will be down in Florida for the entire month of April; so hopefully some old friend can bring me out diving. I would be glad to lend out some slips if someone needs to keep there boat wet for a weekend as well.

Also, I will be having an open house one of the weekends for anyone one interested in seeing the place and any old friends can feel free to drop in.

If anyone wants to see it before April; PM me so i can arrange that for you as well.

For lots more info and lots of pics;   see the website i built for the sale...  

789 K or best offer.



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    Cant figure out how to post pics here...  so check it out ist a really sweet home...

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    sorry for offtop. Very glad to see "whovian" on this forum))
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